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”Everybody who reads her book WILL be wiser…. it is that easy and clear! This is a book that anyone who sings should get. Also those who would like to sing.”
- ’Folk & Musik’ Magazine for Folk music

”The new bible for all singers… According to Cathrine Sadolin everybody can learn to sing, and I believe it to be true having read Complete Vocal Technique. One of the books most undisputed qualities is the incredible versatile understanding and consideration of the various differences that the readers may be subjected to. Even those who are heavily hit by the but-I-just-can’t-sing-syndrome will find understandable help here. The pedagogical and positive way in which she conveys her knowledge gives the reader a feeling that Complete Vocal Technique is written for you, and only you, even though it could (and most definitely ought to) become common ground. I will warmly recommend Complete Vocal Technique to everybody interested in expressing him or herself through the voice.”
- ’Line Out’ Magazine for Musicians

“Sadolin obviously has a genuine passion and a great knowledge for the voice and it’s capabilities and I hope she continues doing her research as I am willing to listen and challenge her if needs be.
The book gives out a very positive message and Sadolin’s direct and informal approach is very refreshing, I totally agree with her when she says that singing shouldn’t be complicated and everyone can sing.”
- Pamela Perry, Communicating Voice, British Voice Association.